Most plastics last forever. That's the good news and the bad news. They can be used to manufacture long-lasting products. But once they are no longer needed, they are not easily biodegradable.

Our SNIBs are made exactly from this waste.

The bodies of the SNIB bags are made from 100 percent recycled polypropylene (RPP), which is mostly made from old refrigerators and other white goods.

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It is only our handles and drawstrings that are not currently made of recycled material. We hope that will change soon.

Our bags are manufactured by our supplier waste2wear in China. Blockchain technology allows us to trace back the value chain. You can view the waste2wear Environmental Impact Report here.


While we're still a little bit short of a 100 percent recycled bag, we're as close as we can get today. And we do our best to ensure that our SNIB can be produced entirely from waste.

Should it ever come to the point that your SNIB is no longer usable, you can recycle it in the packaging waste bin. Or we will recycle it for you.